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Say It Ain't Southern Zine Vol. 1 (2nd Edition)

$15.00 / Sold Out

Volume 1 of the Say It Ain't Southern zine is back as a 2nd edition. Zine features 44 pages of full-color art. Zines are hand-numbered with a second edition stamp on the back. Edition of 100.

Zine features a full interview with Broke (A2M), tales from the rail, and art by Barry McGee, Ghouls, Moonlit Mountain, Brian Butler, Colossus of Roads, Flak, Freight Bandit, Hindue, Matt Zaremba, Michael W. Hall, Other, Pars, Regular Person, Remio, Whiskey River, Joonbug, You Are Here, Labrona and more.


1st Edition - 100 copies - SOLD OUT